The Forensic Toxicology section offers service, research and training facilities within The Analytical Unit, St. George’s, University of London. The Unit is certified by the Department of Health as a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) compliant facility.

We provide user-specific services for specialist toxicological analyses and the interpretation of toxicology data.

We measure drugs and endogenous compounds, using a wide variety of immunoassay, chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.

Our analytical techniques include:

HPLC/MS/MS - using Sciex API 2000, API4000 and Waters ACQUITY UPLC systems with triple quadrupole mass-spectrometric detection

GC/MS - using a Hewlett Packard & Shimadzu GLC systems with EI & CI mass-selective detector

Head space GC/FID with dual column confirmation

HPLC with ultraviolet and fluorescence detection

Enzyme immunoassays – CEDIA / DRI

Fluorescence polarisation immunoassays (FPIA)

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)


Analytical Techniques

Bioanalytics and Forensic Toxicology