Our Services

The forensic toxicology service
perform assays for:

Hospital Laboratories
Police Forces
Armed Forces
Trading Standards
Private and public companies
Drug Rehabilitation Clinics
Grant-funded research studies
Members of the public

Core Functions Include:

Forensic toxicological screening
Assay development
Assay validation
Tablet and powder identification
Teaching analytical techniques
Toxicology research
Drug effects in man
Expert opinions on:
Drug actions
Drug toxicity
Drug interactions
Legal cases involving drugs
Drug pharmacokinetics
Analytical proficiency testing

The forensic toxicology service, located in South West London, is the home of expert forensic toxicologists specialising in the measurement of drugs and endogenous compounds in both clinical and post mortem samples using a wide variety of immunoassay, chromatographic (GCMS and LCMSMS) and spectroscopic

Bioanalytics and Forensic Toxicology