The staff of the forensic Toxicology Service are committed to academic research in the field of forensic toxicology. We have an extensive record of peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and presentations. Moreover, we have strong research links with police forces, forensic and substance abuse agencies and other universities in the UK and abroad.

Research is conducted in our London facilities. We frequently accept research visitors from as far away as Korea, Japan, Denmark, France and USA for short collaborative research visits lasting from one week to six month or more with prior arrangement. If you are considering a research visit to London, please e-mail us your research interests.

Several of our current research projects are in response to external demand by forensic and/or other agencies and are in collaboration with national and international organisations and companies.

Some of our recent research are presented below:

Kenyon SL, Button J, Perella P, McKeown DA, Holt DW. An herbal remedy for impotence: more than was bargained for. J Clin Pharmacol. 2006 Nov;46(11):1379-81.

Wood DM, Dargan PI, Button J, Holt DW, Ovaska H, Ramsey J, Jones AL. Collapse, reported seizure--and an unexpected pill. Lancet. 2007 Apr 28;369(9571):1490.

Ther Drug Monitoring Volume 29, Number 4, August 2007

The use of b-hydroxybutyrate as a Marker of Alcoholic Diabetes in Post-Mortem samples. Claire Mathers, Jennifer Button, Denise A McKeown, Terry D Lee and David W Holt. P460

The Measurement of Methadone and its Principle Metabolite (EDDP) in Calliphora Vicina Fly Larvae using GC-MS. Heidi Sanderson, Jennifer Button, Terry D Lee and David W Holt. P464

Case Study: The Highest Reported Case of Nefopam Overdose. Malgorzata Puchnarewicz, Jennifer Button, Terry D Lee and David W Holt P465

“Legal Highs” – Analysis of Tablets and Capsules Containing Piperazines. Susannah Kenyon, Jennifer Button, John Ramsey and David W Holt. P495

AGas Chromatography Mass-Spectrometric Method for the Quantitative Analysis of the Recreational Drug N-benzylpiperazine in Serum. Jennifer Button, David M Wood, Paul I Dargan, Hanna Ovaska, Alison L Jones, John Ramsey and David W Holt. P496

An LC/MS/MS Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Diazepam and its Metabolites in Fly Larvae Sampled from Diazepam Spiked Porcine Liver. Rebecca Beauchamp, Alan Beeby, Heidi Sanderson, Jennifer Button, Terry Lee and David W Holt. P499

A Sensitive and Specific Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for the Analysis of Buprenorphine and Norbuprenorphine in Human Plasma. Denise A McKeown, Terry D Lee, Jennifer Button, Atholl Johnston and David W Holt. P524

Compliance Testing in Hypertensive Patients Based on LCMS-MS Measurement of Amlodipine. Jennifer Button1, Denise A McKeown, Malgorzata Puchnarewicz, Terry D Lee, Tarek F Antonios and David W Holt. P525


Bioanalytics and Forensic Toxicology