Analyte    Normal levels    Toxic Levels    Fatality Levels   
 Fentanyl  0.001-0.002mg/L  0.002-0.02mg/L  0.003-0.028mg/L
 Triazolam  0.002-0.02mg/L  0.04mg/L  0.062-0.09mg/L
 Flunitrazepam  0.005-0.015mg/L  0.05mg/L  No data available
 Metoclopramide  0.04-0.15mg/L  0.1-0.2mg/L  4.4mg/L
 Trifluoperazine  0.001-0.05mg/L  0.1-0.2mg/L  0.4mg/L
 Alprazolam  0.005-0.102mg/L  0.1-0.4mg/L  2.3mg/L
 ACP  0.005-0.07mg/L  0.1-4.1mg/L  No data available
 Flurazepam  0.0005-0.03mg/L  0.15-0.2mg/L  0.5-17mg/L
 Morphine  0.01-0.12mg/L  0.15-0.5mg/L  0.05-4mg/L
 Bupropion  0.025-0.1mg/L  0.17mg/L  0.45mg/L
 Dextromethorphan  0.01-0.04mg/L  0.1mg/L  >3mg/L
 Methadone  0.075-1.1mg/L  0.2-2mg/L  0.4-1.8mg/L
 Amfetamine  <0.1mg/L (Up to 3.0mg/L in addicts)  0.2-3.0mg/L  >0.5mg/L (1-10 for addicts)
 Cocaine  0.05-0.3mg/L  0.25-5mg/L  1-20mg/L
 Sertraline  0.05-0.25mg/L  0.25mg/L  >1.5mg/L
 Oxycodone  0.005-0.05mg/L  0.2mg/L  0.6mg/L
 Olanzapine  0.01-0.1mg/L  0.2mg/L  >1mg/L
 Lorazepam  0.05 - 0.24mg/L  0.3 - 0.6mg/L  0.28-1mg/L

The Forensic Toxicology Service is pleased to supply the following analyte references ranges

These results are collated from a number of references. However, we cannot assume responsibility for the contents of these ranges and they are provided solely as a general reference resource
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