MSc / Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate in Analytical Toxicology (with applications in clinical, forensic, pharmaceutical, and environmental toxicology)

Two to five years part-time

Course description

This course is aimed primarily at those practising in the clinical field, but will be relevant and useful to students who wish to follow a career in forensic, pharmaceutical, or environmental toxicology as the skills and knowledge base needed for those disciplines are complementary and overlapping. The course aims to provide a theoretical basis for gaining competence in the practical aspects of analytical toxicology; to develop competence in research and development activities; and to enable the participants to review analytical data critically.

The modular nature of the courses is designed to fit in with the needs of those students who are in full-time employment. The taught elements of the modules are delivered in three-day blocks every six weeks.

Course outline

Year 1: Module 1: Essential Clinical Toxicology; Module 2: Analytical Techniques I; Module 3: Analytical Techniques II; Module 4: Essential Therapeutics; Module 5: Trace Elements and Toxic Metals; Module 6: Drug Abuse and Forensics

Modules in Year 2: Module 7: Essential Clinical Biochemistry; Module 8: Laboratory Operation; Modules 9 12: Practical Project and Dissertation (or Critical Dissertation)


For a Postgraduate Certificate, students must complete and pass Modules 1 4. Successful completion of all eight taught modules leads to the award of the Postgraduate Diploma. Completion of a practical project and submission of a dissertation based on the project (or in exceptional circumstances submission of critical dissertation alone) of approximately 20,000 words and successful completion of all eight taught modules is required for the MSc award.

The assessment of the taught modules is 100% by continuous assessment with submission by the student of either essay-style answers or a series of shorter answers or a mixture of both. These are marked and returned to the students according to a timetable specified in the Course Handbook. There is no formal examination.

The practical project / critical dissertation will be assessed by thesis (85%) and by viva voce examination conducted either in person, or on line via web-cam (15%). The practical project accounts for 33% of the overall course mark for the MSc.

Bioanalytics and Forensic Toxicology